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Pizza Craft is your neighborhood pizzeria and cocktail bar. Pizzas are the star of the show at Pizza Craft. Wood burning masterpieces that feature “00” flour, imported tomatoes, homemade mozzarella and local and seasonal produce. The menu also features homemade pastas, weekly Italian specialties, seasonal salads and a wide selection of local and imported charcuterie and cheeses from the world’s best artisans.

Pizza Craft also features a full liquor bar, Italian sodas, tons of local craft beers and has a wine list that boasts new and old world favorites. Pizza Craft is perfect for lunch, dinner or a late night rendezvous.


Monday Closed

Tuesday-Thursday 4pm – 11pm

Friday 4pm – 12am

Saturday 11:30am – 12am

Sunday 10am - 11pm

Our Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 4pm – 11pm

Friday: 4pm – 12am

Saturday: 11:30am – 12am

Sunday: 10am - 11pm

Buy Diazepam 10Mg India