BitComet 1.39

BitComet P2P around on stage since 2003 and continues to this day, a client / HTTP / FTP BitTorrent download.

BitComet can share files with other users, but must be used only for files that can be shared legally online.The interface is similar to eMule to perform the operation panel left, controls and runs down the center of the main view. Download the file started regularesparar, pause, uncheck the upgrade,And all others in BitComet option removes all traces of unwanted discharge from your computer through the ‘remove all torrent files. “

The download speed of action, although not complyP2P, similar applications, such as: Utorrent. One reason for this is that not only users BitComet kakkotory options such as more efficient and user access market. One of the features most usefulBitComet, but a means previsualizaciónopción, which causes the flow to download sequentially instead allows you to view the contents multimedia. His great way to avoid broken links,Instead, it will slow down considerably to download.

Recently, experience BitCometfunktsiya, which lets you download some or all of the streams of data from sources other than BitTorrent, or even parents their sap all or some of the same content.Please note that this version is the first BitTorrent client release 64-bit security

Another interesting feature of the cache BitComet is smart, which is their relationship at high speed. If youposchastlivitsyadlya release rate of 500 kbit / or higher, activity allows BitComet to cache data to disk less often. The result of this is that it does not slow down your computer, how to get a large amount of data can sometimes do.

One disadvantage is thatBitComet annoyed with ads for a long time in the main interface. Another disadvantage is that udaleniyane process very clean. System application is not listed, although you can delete the old administration was clean and registered a good exampleRevo.

Clients are very simple and, like: Azureus and Utorrent, which provides download speeds better ruído.Con less However, if you have a faster connection, especially, can not wait for your files zagruzkiperedTo see them and enjoy a torrent client with lots of whistles and bells, BitComet might be for you.


Improved GUI: keep the height of the list pane, and a separate committee Torrent

GUI improvements:Save the problem occurred when loading a mistake to make a list of categories

GUI improvements: Add discuss visualizacióntorrentes podtverzhdeniyakogda restore hidden pairs compared Share

GUI bugfix: off automatically when the specified work

GUIbugfix: URL opens the default browser instead of IE system

GUI bugfix: torrent file icons not use the symbol of

GUI bugfix: Add new torrent, all faylybudut load option

bugfix GUI: As will be changes in the list of tasks if you pressStart / End

GUI bugfix: Display options – Task List – Display filters do not work when the project started

Fix kernel bug: ID fire water uses UTF-8

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