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Power Rangers 2017

The story follows five ordinary teenagers who have become rare, when they learn that their little town of Andzhel Grov – and the world – is on the brink of extinction, with the help of an external threat. Selected for the fate of our heroes quickly discovers that they are the only one who can save galaktozidazyplaneta.But he will have to overcome their problems in the real world, before it is too late at a time to come together as Power Rangers.

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Ghost in the Shell 2017

-: releasenotes: –


……………………. …………………. … …………………… ………….: …….. …. ….. ……………… ………………… … … ………………… ………………..: …….. ………..: ……………….: ………. …….. … ………………..: …………….. ….. …. ………………. [

-: Screenshots: –


SOURCE: IBM 1080p – Thank DDHD

EthD – KickassTorrentsHigh-Definition Movies

: ………….: 4799Kb / s

: ………….: Clock1 47 min

: …………. AVC

: ………….: 1920×1080 pk

: ………….: 16: 9

: …………. AC-3

: ………….: 192Kb / s

: ………….:

: ………….: English

………………….. Type: Action | crime | drama | misters | Sci-fi | thriller

# EthD – To avoid false, always checkif torrent is added EthD

Help us to contribute to Bitcoin: 1MbtePmVNM13SEkKgmkF6RSvfaKsugF7rpz

IEkTV Team


Ghost in the Shell


Type: Action, Crime, Drama

quality:TS 1080p x264 AAC

Size: MB

Video: mp4 | 1920 * 1080 | 1800 Kbps

Audio: English | AAC | 200 Kbps

Runtime: 108 min

Encoder: iEkTV Team

Subtitles: Korea


Source: TS-EVO


Tap any image to see it full size


Format / Info: High Efficiency Video Coding

Format profile: / *


Time: 1 hour 47mn

bit rate: 903 kbps

Width 1 280 pixels

Height: 720 pixels

Display aspect ratio: 16: 9

Frame rate mode: Variable

Faster image: Remove

PlaceColor: IUD

Colorimetri: 4: 2: 0

Little Depth: 8 bits

Format / Info: Advanced videocodec

Format profile LC

Codec: A_AAC

Time: 1 hour 47mn

kbps bit rate

Channel (s): 2 channels

Channel positions: Front: P: D

kHz sample

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Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary

The life and times of legendary jazz musician John Coltrane, including comments from Denzel Washington, Carlos Santana, Common, Cornell West, Bill Clinton and others.

Chasing TRANE is the definitive documentary film about out-of-box thinker with a remarkable talent whose music the transboundary continues to influence and influence people in the world. The documentary smart, passionate, thoughtful and uplifting for anyone who appreciates the power of music to entertain, inspire and transform.

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Logan 2017

In the near future, which Logan weary working somewhere in the Mexican border with Professor X pain. However, Logan tries to hide from the world and his legacy is tossed arrived when the young mutants, haunted by a dark force. By 2029 the population had dropped sharply and the mutant X-Men are disbanded. Logan, the capacity is reduced to heal itself, there is a surrender to alcohol and now earn their living as a driver. He kept yangbermasalah ProfessorX long he hid hield.Op One day, a strange woman Logan to a girl called Laura to accompany the Canadian border. At first she refused, but the professor had been a long time waiting for him to appear. Laura has an incredible fighting prowess and in different ways, such as Wolverine. He was pursued by evil leaders to work for a strong company; This is because the DNA-containing secrets that connect her Logan.A sustained effortbegins – In this third cinematic game Marvel comic character has Wolverinekita see heroes face everyday problems. They are aging, ill and struggling to survive financially. A very old Logan was forced to wonder whether he could or wanted to put him

In the near future, the weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) deals with the ill Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in a remote outpost on the Mexican border. bersembunyidari plans for the outside world gets wobbly when helittle mutant (Dafne Keen) were very much like him. Logan must now want to protect him catch the girl and fight gelapyang forces.

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Their Finest 2016

In 1940, a married woman (Gemma Arterton) and screenwriter (Sam Claflin) development of the growing allure as we work together for a propaganda film about the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk, France.

British film crew in an attempt to boost morale during the Second World vojnavaynyzrabivshypropaganda film blitzkrieg.

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Nt Live: Angels In America Pt1

In order to understand the experience events and the National Theater Live introduce the new production of Tony Kushner award-winning two-part game, the Angels in America: Gay Fantasy national motives to select cinemas nationwide for the two-day event on Thursday, July 20 and Thursday27Lipiec Andrew Garfield plays Walter back together with one voice, including Denis GOF Nathan Lane, Jayym McArdle and Russell Tovey Hotel. This new production, directed by Olivier and Tony Award-winning director Marian Eliat. Part One: MileniumPodhodi will be recorded and broadcast on żywow theatersThursday, July 20, and the second part: the restructuring will be recorded and broadcast live theaters on Thursday, July 27.

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Rock Dog 2016

Tibetan Mastiffs for Snow Mountain in the life of a dog with a simple reef – a quiet lamb meat from thuggish linnux wolf and his rabid pack. To avoid distractions, the Khampa mastif guides forbids all music. But when his son Bodi discovered a radiosender who fell from the sky, it only takes a few guitar licks to seal the fate of the boy. Wanna Rock’n’Roll star Bodi goes to town to find Angus Scattergood, a legendary musician who has a newSong has to write.

Tibet’s Mastiffs for residents of the Schneeberg, the life of a dog is a simple reef: a quiet village with wool hold, the sheep of Thuggian Linnux wolf and his rabies attack. To avoid distractions, the Khampa mastif guides forbids all music from the mountains. But as a child Khampas Bodi discovered a radio fell from an airplane, it just takes a few guitar licks sealed for his fate, Bodi wants to be a rock roll star. But the kind,As his parents wanted to fight to enter the city and to write the legendary – and withdrawn Recognized musician Angus Scattergood a new song and scribble needs. If Bodi can bring a plaster Angus in his songs together and beat Wolves Snow Mountain, his life would be in line. Bodi has to be what hes always dreamed of: More than a dog … more than just a stone hellisang DOG ROCK!

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Oru Mugathirai 2017

ORU MugathiraiWith Facebook as a factor in the film, the story contains three songs, each revolving around different characters, including college girl, an IT worker and psychiatrist whose stories converge during the break.

Language: Tamil

Classification: NA

General Release Date: 17 March2017

Genre: Breathtaking / Thriller

Duration: Not available

Distributor: Universal Excel Creation

Starring: Shures Sharma Rahman

Director: KR Senthil Nathan

Format: 2D

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