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JetAudio Basic 8

JetAudio is a solid, feature-rich media player that works with most popular audio and video formats and includes special interest.

With JetAudio can: – Enjoy your favorite music video images more frightening effects will play a great variety of music skin appearance yours-

The main objectivethe JetAudio obviously playing audio and video. The program contains elements that can be podobriuchezajina more comfortable, such as sound effects, cross-fades between songs and support for language.

JetAudio special makalaMbali the main feature of this program has a bunch of special toolsthat allow dasnimanje rip CDs, convert files from one format to another, listen to radio stations on the Internet and burn a CD of your favorite MP3.

You can also run JetAudio separate tab on the Windows taskbar and control its rabotakuukutoka without interruptingyour work.

JetAudio successful media player useful for anyone wanting to do more than play audio and video files.


It supports extended documents (Roof, w64, …) to the list of settings, file associations, and explanation

OGV format did not play well

accurate informationbubble some MKV format

Some of them stands out with SPDIF DTS

continuing support M3U8

Fixed other minor bugs

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Folder Password Lock Pro 10

It can happen that require an extra level of privacy based on any data contained in the folder offline. eg if you share your computer with other people. Password Folder Lock Pro is a good way to improve the security of data while maintaining fast access to secrets. The interface is very easy to use, and your data will remain hidden from prying eyes.

ciridan features and Password Folder Lock Pro

In addition to the basic sadakanywila protection, there are other features to mention about the work wortha. For example, it is as easy to find folder on an external hard drive. password can be used for all areas and not simple accessory that allows you to monitor activity in a specific folder. You will be able to know if it has been altered or deleted adadata transferred using automatic warning. download megabytes only, so it does not będzieZwyklekusababisha memory problems in the operating system. Installation takes only a few minutes, and after the defense Folder Password Pro can be activatedone time.

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WAMPServer d 64

The program WampServer and the environment allows you to create web applications with PHP and MySQL database Apache2. The application is very intuitive, even if he has a lot of features. Service and software appears to be free all the way down.

Secureenvironment for web applications

WampServer program will download and install on your computer automatically when you turn. Once installed, you can access dodatkiv.Vy development environment can create a subdirectory andadd files WWWyour PHP in it. Oprogramowaniepozwala manage MySQL and Apache SERVICES. You can share all of your environment, or you can limit it to the local host. You can manage settings Sever, and you can access settingsfiles and access logs. You can also create aliases and if you want to customize your configuration files unnecessarily.

Conclusion – a safe place for App Developers

Software WampServervery small and very easy to install. Ifhas been installed on your computer, you can access the environment programistycznegoi start creating web applications in a safe place. The environment has been created for application developers and forum allissues.

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Zemana AntiLogger v2

Zemana AntiLogger – Full


Zemana AntiLogger – Full Zemana AntiLogger software specifically designed to prevent theft of information, providing a powerful set of security tools to protect users.

Even the application of security, not a virus, but it can work with the software that provides the most advanced protection for your computer given osoby.Jest able to detect keyloggers, screen, camera and almacenamentosen slow down Windows and masmahalaga,without affecting the activity of other security tools that can be installed in the system.

Zemana AntiLogger contains many dedicated tools to protect your computer against a wide variety of computer recorders, as well as the “defense system advanced module” for the real-time protection.

Sometimes fałszywealarm gives some, but it is only prevention, so that the User has the ability to set rules for cadaaplicación running on the system, which means thatthe application is not bothered again itopagkatapos.

The interface is very simple, even if it is a security tool, functions appear in a very intuitive. In the Settings menu is large, so users can dostosowaćopcje security, as well as the manner in which the application receives updates. However, users with little or no computer skills recommended deixarseconfiguración standard and implementation of the program is not

Zemana AntiLogger and computing resourcesvery light and is capable of sumalipwersa many security solutions. There are only a few rooms are not compatible, but most of the known anti-virus solutions can work side by side with the program without problems.

To sum it all, Zemana AntiLogger seems to be the missing piece in the puzzle to protect your computer against security threats. Feitopor a strong antivirus and firewall, you can do all-around combination, in order to maintain a secure system.


Anti-SSLLogger module that zapewniaproteksyonlaban SSL Logger

Record Anti-camera that provides protection against WebCam Logger

Anti-Key Logger that provides protection against keyloggers

Anti-Logger screen that provides protection against Screen Logger

Anti-Clipboard Logger that provides protection against clipboard logger

Module Defense System, the system queprotexe

Follow us | Copyright 2016 All rights reserved 4realtorrentz.

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Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

Slim is a game of first-person horror, where your only goal is to find eight manuscripts of smart people, paranormal beings. This should be a preliminary game called Slendermen, based on a similar theme, but it was not so bad in the case of success.


The basic premise of the game is that you are treated more directly in contact with the thin man, the faster care. Thus, you should be careful not to look at zanadtodovho enemy and remember that your lamp has abmezhavanuyubatteryso you should turnfrom time to time to keep it. In addition, the more you sprint, the lower the maximum stamina, so you need to work only when you need them.

Is it scary?

Smart enough to do well, to create a very ominous atmosphere for the maingame. It feels like just you, your flashlight and the sound of crickets singing as you make your way through the forest of paint in search of manuscripts. But the overall goal of 8 pages of manuscripts of the collection is very limited, so the game is somewhat limited.

elementamigulni management is simple: Mouse- OzyrnitsyaW, A, S and D – PeremistytyLivyy Shift – SprintLiva click – Meeting storinokPrava press – lihtarykQ E – Increase / decrease in technical matters

Please note that the WinZip or WinRAR need this thin pakAflaai game.

So thin was spochatkuzvilnenyy had some additional revenue, with varying degrees of quality. we checkedSoftonic them to employees to see which one is the worst, so be sure to check out how they got on:


harmoniesecreepyzhah game that should you ever heard of the slender man myth.


Added captions for the game ( “Eight pages”) to distinguishit from future versions.

Improving the main menu, and added that they musiek.Daarbenewens now includes a link to a thin person, information and YouTube series.

Added different light sources (unlocked after the time of the game).

Added shadow (not very noticeable, except illuminatedzones).

joudrafpastupova speed is increased to collect more pages.

Remove the recovery time for recovery after endurance Run / long-distance running and endurance slow drain. if

you start to run / long-distance running, but immediately get 5% of your endurance.It will run you to enable or

Sprint for a long time, but makes repeated shaking the key events / Sprint cause your endurance

baievinniger empty (effectively get rid of the first operation).

The maximum distance vamsm drops as you collect more pages; holda similar challenge

for people who mayuttuman away. To the same can not be excluded because afstandShadow.

Added menu option to skip the intro.

Added the ability to break but you can break, but if not static (if it bothers you pause in December

in response to seeingsmart people).

Fixed a bug where the torch will try to bring the page to the other side of the wall.

Remove one of the hidden modes (ItwasPytanne time, because it contains copyrighted material).

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