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Total VPN 1

All VPN allows you to browse the Internet anonymously. This is useful if you want to see films that are blocked in your country, or if you want your IP-address hidden while loading a specific file. This app has servers in more than 30 different countries.

galovnayafunktsyiand applications

Total virtual private networks follow this trend does not save the user’s files, so it is certain that complete anonymity. This software encrypts jugaSangat Users do not have to worry about their data read by third partiesor prying eyes. Thanks takshmat of the server location is usually pretty easy to choose the best food, and the user can select specific servers, if they want to. Another useful feature of this software package is effective ifpublic places such as cafes aboInternet cafe. Thus, the safe use of the Internet and koganadvor has never been easier.

additional opportunities

Very easy to use Total VPN, although this is the first time such a system has been found. Premium plan offers unlimited useInformation and creator kantentuYany argue that there is little down time can not be ignored. Support is available 24 hours a day, if necessary.

  1. Total VPN 1 64-Bit & 32-Bit Download Free
  2. Total VPN 1 portable 64 Bit Download Free

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Hotspot Shield Elite v5

Hotspot Shield Elite to your access and browse sites that offer aren’tnormally available in your area.

Take a virtual private network (VPN)

Hotspot Shield Elite createsa virtual private network (VPN) between yourcomputer and Internet portal to its publisher (AnchorFree). Correcting necessary Hotspot Shield Elite. secondwindow opens in your browser, and green and red shield in the status bar indicates whether Hotspot Shield Elite internet connection or not.

Eenbeveiligde kriptiranaInternet

Using Hotspot Shield Elite will receive secure, encrypted Internet connection. All your most sensitive data is protectedTapping (bank details and passwords), even when using public Wi-Fi network. You will be assigned a new IP address so you can surf anonymously.

Another advantage of using this kind of service is that you mozhnostza access to websites that will be blockedin nearby. friendlyfree content toegangDeNyakoi video portals such as YouTubeandNetflix or music on Pandora.

Circumventing geographical restrictions

Hotspot Shield Elite is an effective and easy forsecuringyour Internet and bypassing geographical limitation some sites.


Recently, developers of maliciousprotection software is added dekapri use Hotspot Shield, were not infected with anything that might damage your system out.

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MKV Player 2

MKV Player is a free video player that allows you to watch MKV files on your computer – as well as other audio formats and video.

The program is really easy in appearance and funcionalidade.MKV Player consists of a single button, and the time for moving video. The valves are not enabled by default; These words instead of symbols usually “Game”, instead of a tradition of arrows.

presented options MKV Player are scarce and difficult to use. They were hidden in the drop-down menubottom of the screen and only optimize delay velocidadesubtítulos and video file associations. There is no equalizer or video effects, are as VLC Media Player. The project is also documented.

When playing audio files and video, all you have to do, then MKV Player is sufficient. If you are looking Lao No software more sophisticated, with additional options and tools that can have a place to look different

XogadorMKV MKV video more easily with support only for functionsmore basic.

MKV Player supports the following formats


  1. MKV Player 2 32bit-64bit download free
  2. MKV Player 2 32 Bit installer download

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Free Data Recovery 5

We all know that losing valuable data can be frustrating and time consuming situation. Why do not you guesswork out of the equation with the help of this program of free data recovery? Preferably with laptops and mobile phones operate pills external hard drives lostor corrupted files can usually within a few minutes (or less) are recovered. If financial data images or video files even more quickly process miss completely.

Features and functions

This software Data Recovery Free is able to fulfill anumber of tasks. You can repair damaged or corrupted partitions. Several formats are supported and recognized even lost partitions and restored. Another interesting feature is that the contents of the container is emptied can be found before they werdenfür away forever. in totalsize megabytes or complete software paketsamo limited amount of memory can be defined to install operating systems. Small step by step wizard guides you through the process of picking and when they are ready, you can start looking lostor corrupted files immediately.

I wonder Data Recovery FULL + Crack

The best software and a full refund of computer storage devices. Restore files in 550 formats fast computer memory safely and completely. I wonder Data Recovery Software obnovuvabezbedni and efficientdata, loss of video clips, pictures, music, documents, emails, updates, etc. from your PC , sdisco hard as USB flash drives, external hard drives and other storage devices.

Mode Recovery Wizard

You just follow the instructions and answer simplequestions you wonder Recovery data files immediately forgotten.

partition Recovery

restore damaged deleted partition efficient your files, lost, formatted ,, size change all file systems (NTFS / FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT)

Lost File Recovery

recoverdeleted files and formatted with their original names and paths


Hard drive partitions materials can scan and provide real-time preview of all recoverable files quickly, it takes only Klickzu get lost files back.

What’s New

– updatesSupported file system.

Fix some bugs -.



| reactions |



1) Open and read the instructions

TechTools / ThumperDC


Laden from 2007 jets.

Please follow us on Facebook and Google+. Thank you!


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Hangouts 2015.1204

Hangouts video conferencing and messaging services once against Google. This is Google +, Gmail and Android mobile applications and can be accessed through foriOS, astronomical Chrome extension that allows you to chat with your contacts directly from the Windows desktop.

and video calls instantmezuak

Hangouts instant messaging platform for all conventional features of any good messages service.Once into Google, messages, images, and you can send emoticonscyswllt-batekoedoconversations.

Thanks to videoconferencing function, to make video calls with up to 10 people, at the same time, no matter what device they are connected. YouTube and Google Drive as applications, as well as the sounds and visual integration of the conversation to allow you to get dituefektu fun.

only the most important

Once installed, you can access Google Chrome Hangouts pravotoagal screen above the task bar Windows. When not in use, may be reduced in the area leihoabeharreko notification.

conversation:Hangouts interface focuses on what’s most important to be unobtrusive andminimalistin. The main window shows a list of a few links and a search engine, so you can quickly search for duzunhoriek. video calls, a larger window will be opened, and you will find all the applications and video-related functions.

All that is needed

Hangouts is the perfect extension of baduzuzerbitzua using links. in hawddEfelychu you communicate with friends, he addeddemand video from some bonus features pretty cool in goteverything. The only drawback is that the audio calls, and have the Hangouts Chrome to be open for use at all times.

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DirectX End User Runtime Web Installer

Microsoft DirectX allows you to use the PC effectively, especially the ability of hardware and video games.

It provides a set of libraries dedicated processor for audio / video (audio, video) With the help of a peripheral input / output (joystick, mouse, network card) and the same.

After installation,addressed directly to the effects of image enhancement and for all work in the engine room.

  1. DirectX End User Runtime Web Installer Free Download
  2. DirectX End User Runtime Web Installer 64-Bit Download

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