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GeoGebra 5.0

GeoGebra application at the university complex for those who study or work with mathematics, geometry, algebra and calculus.

Items in inventory experts

It uses complex location focuses on comfort and mathematical problems, but the advantage GeoGebra similar program is that it represents a representation of all policy related objects. The idea is to geometric, algebraic connectivity, and represents how much interface.Hii can be done with dots, vectors, linesAnd a part of banana.

GeoGebra allows you to directly manage and coordinate comparisons, work out reasons; Working with slaidiKuchunguza criteria; Find derivative market; And operation as root command or sequence.


The complexity of this project is great for a new college application kikuu. Not very hard to work out how to start using even more detailed studies to help you.

Not too bad

GeoGebraKuna is good for some things, but if you go to maths,Geometry, algebra and calculus as usual, it’s easy.

What’s new in GeoGebra

The latest version of LaGeoGebra includes Freehand, with storage capabilities for 3D viewing (except for “gray scale” and “beautiful green space”), as an alternative to “Using Lighting” Viewing 3D (Closing Film), and ” All “for viewing 3D.

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Internet Download Manager Build 11

files, download the images to optimize the speed and easy-to-organize your files, download the Internet layer Planning is important is what holds it all.

Perfect your design and optimize downloads

In order to download the file manager InternetDeskarga speed and safety program is the ideal tool. The software is very practical, like a lot of options (see the website content to memory), a. Internet Download Manager is integrated Windows mnogoDobre (siversio you are using) webthe most widely used browser (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and many others).

One power, has the ability to resume the download from the place where he was when he was interrupted. Many mainstream download Internet connections that sortzenartxibo and significantly accelerates the server downloads.

An ugly, accessible, and not after the due order

Planning internet layer is very easy as you might like to see move the address list erabilideskargatzeko.

photosPostquam the video you want to download software,for everyone. will immediately begin to transmit the set of the subjects of the records that you can choose the download list.

InternetDeskarga’s most boring beginners accessible for the service; plans, in addition to providing the software interface is very clean. That’s all past and future Downloads folder, it is useful and allows navigation in proper order. This is the layer Loan interfazeaInternet look ugly stick with buttons under oath that Windows 95 hit the right end.

The trialbetween us that the best is almost download

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TeamViewer 12.0

All TeamViewer Portable Edition + patch +

More than 200 million users spread over 200 countries already use TeamViewer – when will you start? TeamViewer is ready to use, then download it! Download, and start walking – The first session will start in less than one minute.


Save time and money

Support, assistance, and working with people. exchange of information. Access to and use tecnoloxía.Ferramenta allows to work like you all inin the same room, singkatperjalanan time and expense. With TeamViewer, you have everything you need right in front of you.

Focus on work that does not make it work

Troubleshooting or remote clients and friends together without complex process or preparaciónonerosa time.

TeamViewer is designed to be done at the time of any device.

Safe and Effective

TeamViewer lets you do what you want without any problem and withoutany problems. personal information, meetings and private conversations in private mode.

20 reasons to mencintaiTeamViewer 12: Feature check all.


Support your customers effectively support your productivity, and support for remote uniformly excellent.

Quickstep far

Save yourself hundreds click the shortcut for most uses practical support remote control.

Tabscontrol much for MacOS

For ease of handling multiple remote box pack technology can tabsee more Sierras.

event notification service

Act immediately in took. Assignments quickly, for more efficient IT support.

Sticky Notes remote

Leaving behind the message more personal customer relationships.

Wise there are only 12 TeamViewer benefits

Supporting turbine remote control, Improve workflow with intelligent adjustment and show your customers that you care.


CracksNow to victory

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MKV to MP4

There are many times when the video format should be changed to display a particular program. An example could be the expected change User MKV video in MP4 copy of your most common. Fortunately, this free MKV to MP4 Converter converts nezamennymdyakuyuchya own interface and easy to use instructions. Large video files can be quickly converted into MP4 structure, without sacrificing quality, ideal for fans of film and video.

View more attentiveBesplatnoKonverter for MKV vMP4

This multifunctional converter capaztratar with various file types and sizes. Another advantage of this system is that the User can choose to convert batches of files at once. This is a great Alternatyva compared to handling individual files. These actions can be executadasSó two clicks, for those who have no videokonversii system without problems. Upon completion of the operating system and reboot avtomaticheskiVyklyuchaetsyaallowing data logkaadnavlyats. Finally, there are many options that can be set in conversorMKV to MP4. Examples: bit rate, video resolution and frame rate. This will help to convert the file matches the original version.

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JDownloader 2.1

JDovnloaderis AFile dovnloaderthat quickly and efficiently download files from the service files on MediaFire, 4shared and others.

Download the best hosting services

Dovnloadingfiles file hosting services can be a difficult process, mainly due to the speed limit preuzimanjapolako. number of functionsoffers Thisprogram, oznachaieodnak, avoiding obstacles and enjoifaster dovnloadsin smooth and easy to control.

As anekample: jDovnloader download allows you to create a list for a long time, so thatiou can download them in a series, one after the other, or evensimultaneousli, whichmeans that you can save a lot of time.

Some examples of functions that are in deprohrammirovat:

-Nemaie morevaiting time, when you reach the daily limit of downloads

– Assign IP address to maintain the new owners free account

– At the same time, how to download manifiles as you like,even from different hosts

– AccountManagement Ekcellentpremium forall existing web site hosting

-Abiliti to pause and resume downloads whenever you want

It’s rare that you leave thatjDovnloader in trouble. Sometimes he interrupted downloads casethat can’tbeobnovljena, but it reallydoes not happen very often at all, the program is strong and good.

Experienced users also suitable forless

UsingJDovnloaderlehko. The first thing you need to do is copy the URL of the page (from RapidShare or any other maintenance file), which contains Filez download. Sometimes you find out thatlarge files that are divided into several compressed files (RARS usually) to make them less: jDovnloader recognize some addresses you’ve copied to the clipboard and “separation” themautomaticalli. This means that you can copy and paste the URL adresaIgranje much without worrying about anything.

nehainoVi onInternet package pastedthe URL Add clickon Plai startThe interface to boot.

If you have a premium account forthe maintenance, which is used to load, you might have to wait a while (minutausuallione) before downloading. In this case, it will manage JDovnloaderdo not push.

odinInsha limit on the free account, you get a force that theilimit ofmegabites number of downloads a day. Upon reaching this limit, you will need to sačekatevreme before you start to download again, jDovnloader, however, that the new “fresh” IP, so canstartImmediate download.

Just click Get Nev IP’button (two blue arrows in the top right corner of the interface), and after a few seconds (instead of a few hours!) You bereadi idechrau takeover.

Full download manager

Who will download the file, sometimes even from one of the many services on existingFile services Vebvill estimate jDovnloaderfor another reason: it makes your life a little easier. This should be a manager servicedovnload full.


ieusunutiGreška in the main menu plan jDovnloader

They look and feel enhancements update many different add-ons as well. Hotfile,Fileserve, File4safe, Shraga and more

  1. JDownloader 2.1 download free
  2. JDownloader 2.1 free download

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Google Input Tools for Chrome 3

Google tools insertion is an extension for Google Chrome that lets you enter text in Polish. Enter a word the way it pronouncedusing Latin alphabet and Google tools to make turns in vritingformat original word. Google text insertion tools contains a klawiaturęi offers virtual text input simple self-completefor.

  1. Google Input Tools for Chrome 3 32-Bit update download free Unlocked
  2. Google Input Tools for Chrome 3 Windows 7/8/10 Download

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Skype Portable 6

Skype Mobile is a version of the popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which allows you to create and name calls to other Skype users, video chat and more for free over the Internet.

Like its desktop counterpart, Skype Portable lets you make voice calls on your computer as a phone, just for free, as well as telephone calls significantly lower real rates, usługaTzw using SkypeOut credit and pay with Skype. In addition to voice calls Skype Mobilecynnwysfunctionalities also standard IM(Written conversations, emoticons, user avatars and so on) and also you have a group video conferencing.

The film is exactly known as the main focus is on the latest version of Skype portable. interface of the program has been completely redesigned with videoconferencing in mind. This means Skype Mobile is wider so that video fits perfectly with the written chat, contact list and a toolbar to manage conversation. New interface ynSkypeDraagbare converts when they get rid a call, all the junk,so you just see the video images and control.

The sound quality of Skype Portable during our testing was perfect: loud and clear. Video sometimes appeared a bit pixelated, Alenic we can not help it. There was also a nice detail, and it is the ability to see your picture own video link building in the movie and choose to take a photo of your own image.

The second important event Skype Mobile integration into Facebook. It was quite large, not only gives you your news channel in an application – anyone cando it – but add calls and SMS buttons to any of your friends contact numbers dzieląich. If you paid for Skype minutes, you can call your Facebook friends, and they also signed by Skype Mobile you can call for free. One of the best new features is restore the automatic call – dropped calls and set break. ailgychwynei’s fine.

Skype for mobile phones, such as the desktop version: Restore interface, which now focuses more on video chats; A few useful ulepszeńJak communicateonline without installing!

  1. Skype Portable 6 Download Free +Activation
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Folder Password Lock Pro 10

There may be times when you have an extra level of privacy with respect to all the necessary data within the folder. An example might be sharing the computer with others. directory password Lock Pro is a good way to increase the security of your data while you still have quick access to the use of an imposition of passwords. The interface is very easy to use and its details are capable hidden deollos curious.

featuresand features of Folder Password Lock Pro

moreoverbasic password protection, there are other features worth mentioning in terms of functionality. For example, it is so easy to get folders located on an external hard drive. The password can be used for all areas and there is a useful addition that lets you monitor the activity within a determinadocartafol. You may also be aware that any data has been adjusted or moved by an automatic warning given. Download megabytes in size only to that offer no problems salnormaalwegMemory within an operating system. Installation takes only a few minutes and once completed Folder Password Lock Pro can be activated immediately.

  1. Folder Password Lock Pro 10 download free
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Microsoft NET Framework RC 4

Framework for the development of this program can reach a worldwide audience of nearly a quarter million clients, such as Windows, desktop, mobile, center of the surface, a wide range of devices such as lenses Holo zehareta Xbox.

describes the scope of

Framework Microsoft .NETSazdavane consistentand comprehensive program of development model to simulate the lines of communication and capacity provides plenty of business processes. as CLR (Common Language Runtime), and the key to the BCL (Class Library Base), memory mapped files provide new and numeric as DUMOT needs significant improvementa series of exciting events in Visual Basic and C # programming languages, and support for touch features of Windows, multi-sensory functions, control ribbon task bar ekspanziyaoptsii and about CK. WFC data destruction and data online is an important part of the framework to facilitate exposureUser Representation State Transfer (REST) ​​services and applications based on the protocol of the Open Data (O data), which is used to create.

Esparruinterface and ease

Today framework 5 reps total, spesifiekNET Framework 4, .NET Framework, at the expense of SP1 (Service Pack 1) iteration of the service pack is attached.NET Framework VersionSP2 (Service Pack 2) support, followed by SP1 and .NET Framework has its own .NET Framework SP1 also supported. It is possible duinstalatu versions of the framework for .NET, and co-exist on the same machine without loss of function. In most cases, you can use a series NET lay upwith older versions of the latest iteration of the framework programs. Before the .NET Framework 4 does not automatically push pre-installed with older programs. These programs provide the framework for .NET have a plan unless it is pre-installed developer eskatzenaltzarizconfiguration file to assign a youth version of the .NET Framework 4 to work.

somgebruik programs and increasing the number of framework requires users to function on Windows Update, install the latest version, developers and casual users to take important. after installationthe user updates and program may be affected by problems with the installation again. remontMicrosoft is available for free download duNET framework allows fully optimized and fully able to keep developers and users of Windows hecticdigital and online life.

  1. Microsoft NET Framework RC 4 Free Download +Serial
  2. Microsoft NET Framework RC 4 Download Free

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