DameWare Mini Remote Control 12

DameWare Mini Remote Control

DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) is one of the best values ​​in the Remote Software available today. MRC is licensed by the number of help desk technician organization and not through an agent or endgültigPunkt. He has over 10 years by thousands of used by IT administrators to seamlessly connect to remote servers, desktops and laptops.

To access the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers

Softwarezdalnegoprzenieść to control Windows, Mac OS X and Linux kompjuteri.SpodeliBildschirme, chat, files, and run the Red Cross, RDP and VNC sessions.

Connect to computers with tape Intel AMT KVM

Communication systems remote, disconnected or crashes in the country.

Chat with end-users through a remote support session

recognize chat with end users and communicated in order to solve problems, files and Screen Capture.

Remote control

Create flexible accessremote komputeróww to enable, on the basis of RollenIhre organization.

automatically deploy personalization remote agents

Easily create custom installation and MSI packages for the MRC Client Agent Service to implement.

Safe connection to the remote authentication

on two-factor authentication for sensitive security requirements and government agencies.

DameWare Mini Remote Control can be used to initiate a session with the remote control:

– Windows Vista,7, 8.10

– Windows Server 2008 R2, 2008 and 2012, 2012 R2

– Debian, and later (VNC enabled)

-CentOS 5 and 6 (by VNC)

– Ubuntu LTS LTS and LTS (VNC enabled)

-Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and later (VNC enabled)

– Fedora 15 and 16 (with support for VNC)

– Mac OS X (VNC enabled)

What DameWare Mini Remote Control is the new 12:

– Turn on the mode of implementation with a single mouse click: the ability to easily co-operation between the autonomous remote change DameWare Mini and centralized system.

-Possibility wyszukiwaniaPunkty final lists DameWare Mini Remote host console.

-instalacijata platform support and remote connection support for Windows 10



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