Dancing With the Stars

Dancing Star series Wit unique to pair celebrities with professional dance partners ballroom in intense competition – live – in front of the studio audience and the nation. Every season there are a number of couples dancing celebrity / professional. Then a group of experts criticized Cyplauganjudges (Bruno Toniolo, Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman) and viewers at home. One team will be eliminated each week there. Couples need to keep focus, grace and peace of mind while driving učiteprecizneekstravahantni suits and settlement. Will they still gydnawsyn during the competition? Dancing WitStar has a broad appeal, offering viewers great costumes dancing, celebrity gossip, training scenes and contemporary music in live performance band 15 parts behind. This format is already a success in many international stars Wit is a continuation smashhit rhyngwladolCyfres strictly Come Dancing. Star winsledećePrimetime Dance Wit Amy: * outstanding technical direction, images, visuals – 2006 costume beauty for various programs or music – 2006 Technical Manual beauty, image, video series – 2008 Chapter 502A * EithriadolColur for a series of multiple cameras or special (no stretch) – 2008 Chapter 503 * careHair -cameras Multi Series or Special – 2009 Chapter 709 Manual, image, video monitoring series * Outstanding Performance – 2010 * 909A IzvanrednoHairstiling episode series for multiple cameras neuArbennig – 2010 Episode 902 * Great for volossyaSeriya Multi-camera or Special – Episode 1106 2011 * Outstanding host for a reality or realityGRAPHICS Competition 2012 Tom Bergeron Cosmetics * Outstanding series for multiple cameras or Special (Non-orthopedic) – 1307moreless 2012 Episode

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