DayZ Arma 2

DayZ is a mod for Arma IIwith makes military confrontation in the game of survival in a post-apocalyptic world infected zombies. Day Zrequire’s original game Arma II must be performed to use it.

Ruthless game

DeDayZ, your only goal is to survive and prevent it from turning into the brain gorgingzombie. To do this, you will seek food, weapons or ammunition from one city to another. If you are unable to adapt to this hostile world, you will dieAndhave, about pachatsznul!

Match zombiesand other players!

DayZis a multiplayer game, where you can share the huge world with many other players. If you meet other people, it is unclear whether their intentions or bad ones, or if theyre alone or under guidance. You’ll have to be constantly on guard, keeping in mind that a good alliance best way surviveor rip off from other players.

Zombies, of course, the most obvious danger, but you should always be carefulOther players who want a bullet, but the head to get your equipment. Fortunately, angry attacking other human playersis not the only option. Communicating with other players and looking for a strategy to become necessary to survive.

Country below the graphics

Wednesday of course DayZs better. Just a big map (you have to go about one and a half hours apart from kantsada), and full of meadows, forests and cities, full of dangers. Great graphics, based on the engine,Arma II, that also has a number of serious tricks his sleeve. These characters, objects and environments are breathtaking; You will be amazed more than once.

Uniquegame experience

DayZ deep and realistic game in the desert environment. Maud give a second childhood to Arma II and completely free, if you have the original Gulnya.Geta AMUST for people looking for something new.

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