Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Long

In WIDZIŁA DIARY – (! Finally) over long distances is based on a series of books about a family trip ever birthday aged 90 Meemaws funny off the slopes, thanks to the latest models Gregs known.

Heffley family trip to attend the birthday party 90 yearsMeemaw age becomes ridiculous, of course, thanks to the latest program of Greg to get to the conventions of video games. Heffley way to attend a family birthday party 90 years old Meemaw becomes funny because conventions diweddarafCynllun GregaDovideoigri. Family Adventure FamilyIt turns out to experience what never forget Heffleys.

Diary of a small child: the place that year after it happened in Dog Days, Greg convince the family that moves along the way to take part in 90 Grand Prix urodzinnej. But just because it can take part in conventionGames nearby. Things did not go as planned, and the family Heffley become antiques.


Classification: NA

cyffredinolwydanieData May 25, 2017


Duration: Not available

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Starring: Dzheysan Drakar, Owen Asztalos, Charli Rayt, Alisha Silvarstoun, Tom Everett Scott

director:Deyvid Bauars

Format: 2D

Family trip to the 90th birthday grandma spoiled when the boy (Jason Ian Drakar) landed on his latest plan to become famous.

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