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Empire Earth is a strategy game, real time, spanning half a million years of world history. Began at the dawn of prehistoric times to the goal of the game is to build your own civilization,To overcome the kingdom and others. defnyddtactegau wartime smart strategy to win success and the final rule.

Use strategy and tactics to dominate

Empire of the gameplay requires players to collect resources necessary forizgrazhdaneSgradi the birth of civilization. Different procedures may be many developers. From prehistoric Stone Age Renaissance and the period epic digital nano, a period of 500,000 years will be repeated all.Depending on the age you are, military units such as archers to develop strategies in your way. Many empires have identified, some of which contain Greek Byzantine Empire and the British.

Challenge building energy fun

campaignsgydallawer who can play an important evolution of the Stone Age into the tank and submarine weapons futuristic “Empire World” offers all historical experience. From the beginning of time is challenging and fun,Especially when fyddyn eventually conquer the world!

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