Get Out 2017

secret friend of young African-Americans visiting family farm Caucasian woman. A young black man visits the family farm white girlfriend in which she learned that many residents went black, and he soon learned the truth of that cruel when black guy friendsthe estate warned him to “get out.” He soon learned that this is easier said than done.

Get OUTA young African-American men to visit a girlfriend named Chris Rose`s Caucasian family property to meet their parents. First, he melihatyang family`s behavior tootolerantas nervous attempts to cope with their daughter`s race relations, but as the weekend progresses, Chris discovered that many prisoners, African-American, was lost. When she met a man, African-American friends to the estate, she warns him to “go out”, and yakryad disturbing discoveryhappened, Chris discovers the truth, he could not imagine.


Classification: NA

UmumTarikh release: 20 April 2017

Genre: Horror / Mystery

Time: None

Distributor: United International Pictures

Actor Daniel feces, AllisonWilliams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones

Director: Jordan Peel


Now Chris (Daniel feces) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), made to meet with the parents card, he invited her for a weekend in the north of the state and Missy Dean. First, Chris gave very contradictory behavior sarafuntuk family attempts to deal with the relationship between their daughter,but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly alarming discovery led to the truth, he could not imagine.

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