JetAudio Basic 8

JetAudio is a solid, feature-rich media player that works with most popular audio and video formats and includes special interest.

With JetAudio can: – Enjoy your favorite music video images more frightening effects will play a great variety of music skin appearance yours-

The main objectivethe JetAudio obviously playing audio and video. The program contains elements that can be podobriuchezajina more comfortable, such as sound effects, cross-fades between songs and support for language.

JetAudio special makalaMbali the main feature of this program has a bunch of special toolsthat allow dasnimanje rip CDs, convert files from one format to another, listen to radio stations on the Internet and burn a CD of your favorite MP3.

You can also run JetAudio separate tab on the Windows taskbar and control its rabotakuukutoka without interruptingyour work.

JetAudio successful media player useful for anyone wanting to do more than play audio and video files.


It supports extended documents (Roof, w64, …) to the list of settings, file associations, and explanation

OGV format did not play well

accurate informationbubble some MKV format

Some of them stands out with SPDIF DTS

continuing support M3U8

Fixed other minor bugs

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