Logan 2017

In the near future, which Logan weary working somewhere in the Mexican border with Professor X pain. However, Logan tries to hide from the world and his legacy is tossed arrived when the young mutants, haunted by a dark force. By 2029 the population had dropped sharply and the mutant X-Men are disbanded. Logan, the capacity is reduced to heal itself, there is a surrender to alcohol and now earn their living as a driver. He kept yangbermasalah ProfessorX long he hid hield.Op One day, a strange woman Logan to a girl called Laura to accompany the Canadian border. At first she refused, but the professor had been a long time waiting for him to appear. Laura has an incredible fighting prowess and in different ways, such as Wolverine. He was pursued by evil leaders to work for a strong company; This is because the DNA-containing secrets that connect her Logan.A sustained effortbegins – In this third cinematic game Marvel comic character has Wolverinekita see heroes face everyday problems. They are aging, ill and struggling to survive financially. A very old Logan was forced to wonder whether he could or wanted to put him

In the near future, the weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) deals with the ill Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in a remote outpost on the Mexican border. bersembunyidari plans for the outside world gets wobbly when helittle mutant (Dafne Keen) were very much like him. Logan must now want to protect him catch the girl and fight gelapyang forces.

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