Microsoft Flight Simulator X 2016

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an incredible simulation famous airplane pilots flying striving happy for future generations. Take to the skies in a number of different glyphs with different realistic and environmental controls, the award-winning experience of flying.

Respect Authentic Flight Physics Simulations

One of the biggest selling points of Microsoft Flight SimulatorX and its predecessor, the original rules of the game fisikadat strive to leveren.Fysische parametersmany things to keep to an actual aircraft in the air. Apart from the technical, there is a remarkable 24,000 real world airports to take off and, of course, land your plane.

Crafts are available, including the iconic 747 jumbo jet with the Hornets, Mustang, Boeing and helicopters. The game is also a great menawarkantantangan and duty to entertain the players. Enjoy cargo missions, as well as search and rescue experience.

A beautifully rendered game brings Aviationfor Living

MicrosoftFlight Simulator X is an amazing experience for all those personalities who dreamed to fly an airplane. The excitement of the actual aircraft obvious slain in thousands of destinations and flight routes. menambahkanmisi interesting offers fun and challenging dimension to this acclaimed simulation.

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