Microsoft NET Framework RC 4

Framework for the development of this program can reach a worldwide audience of nearly a quarter million clients, such as Windows, desktop, mobile, center of the surface, a wide range of devices such as lenses Holo zehareta Xbox.

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Framework Microsoft .NETSazdavane consistentand comprehensive program of development model to simulate the lines of communication and capacity provides plenty of business processes. as CLR (Common Language Runtime), and the key to the BCL (Class Library Base), memory mapped files provide new and numeric as DUMOT needs significant improvementa series of exciting events in Visual Basic and C # programming languages, and support for touch features of Windows, multi-sensory functions, control ribbon task bar ekspanziyaoptsii and about CK. WFC data destruction and data online is an important part of the framework to facilitate exposureUser Representation State Transfer (REST) ​​services and applications based on the protocol of the Open Data (O data), which is used to create.

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Today framework 5 reps total, spesifiekNET Framework 4, .NET Framework, at the expense of SP1 (Service Pack 1) iteration of the service pack is attached.NET Framework VersionSP2 (Service Pack 2) support, followed by SP1 and .NET Framework has its own .NET Framework SP1 also supported. It is possible duinstalatu versions of the framework for .NET, and co-exist on the same machine without loss of function. In most cases, you can use a series NET lay upwith older versions of the latest iteration of the framework programs. Before the .NET Framework 4 does not automatically push pre-installed with older programs. These programs provide the framework for .NET have a plan unless it is pre-installed developer eskatzenaltzarizconfiguration file to assign a youth version of the .NET Framework 4 to work.

somgebruik programs and increasing the number of framework requires users to function on Windows Update, install the latest version, developers and casual users to take important. after installationthe user updates and program may be affected by problems with the installation again. remontMicrosoft is available for free download duNET framework allows fully optimized and fully able to keep developers and users of Windows hecticdigital and online life.

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