MKV Player 2

MKV Player is a free video player that allows you to watch MKV files on your computer – as well as other audio formats and video.

The program is really easy in appearance and funcionalidade.MKV Player consists of a single button, and the time for moving video. The valves are not enabled by default; These words instead of symbols usually “Game”, instead of a tradition of arrows.

presented options MKV Player are scarce and difficult to use. They were hidden in the drop-down menubottom of the screen and only optimize delay velocidadesubtítulos and video file associations. There is no equalizer or video effects, are as VLC Media Player. The project is also documented.

When playing audio files and video, all you have to do, then MKV Player is sufficient. If you are looking Lao No software more sophisticated, with additional options and tools that can have a place to look different

XogadorMKV MKV video more easily with support only for functionsmore basic.

MKV Player supports the following formats


  1. MKV Player 2 32bit-64bit download free
  2. MKV Player 2 32 Bit installer download

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