MySQL Alpha 6

All major attractions need any database to collect and store customer data. It can choose anything from your user name and e-mail messages or delivery information. Find the best software for the taskseems difficult, but it? S solution, which is a great place known MySQL, to start. If? S is good enough for Facebook WordPress and Google, why not a free software for database management easier and faster?

Database open source data

MySQLTehnicheskimanagement system for relational databases with open source (RDBMS), which essentially means that you feel in your information on the server and stores. Because? S with open source? S completely free to use. Several developers and experts haveis a powerful and broadly machen.Die Valencia Server Edition is free to use for everyone on your site to download and. Installation is easy (although, of course, you need sozdatznaya websites) eel? known scalability and high protection performance data.It also has an extensive support network.

Make your way

MySQL should do for the things your way, how does it work? T bindendie society or a particular platform. The software is not able to do more without detractors on the stability and some competingplatforms, but it is certainly a popular choice for many new places.


SELECT … FOR UPDATE is now supported.

Removing registry implemented Uncommitted

Various bug fixes

  1. MySQL Alpha 6 free download
  2. MySQL Alpha 6 free download

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