Patriots Day 2016

Tragedy strikes April 15, 2013, when two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon. In the period after the attack police sergeant. Thomas Sanders (Mark Wahlberg), FBI Special Agent Richard Delor (Kevin Bacon) and Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman), to join the brave victims, fast servisodgovorand other researchers in a race against time to track suspects and bring them to justice.

In the period after the outrageous terrorist act, police Sergeant Tommy Sanders joins the brave victims, first responders Spies in a race against time to pratibombarderi before re-invade. weaving togetherhistorians Special Agent Richard Delor Police Commissioner Ed Davis, Sergeant Jeffery Pugliese and sister Carol Saunders is visceral and boldness recording captures captivity uncertainty complicated in the history pravaBoston authorities and government people who have inspired the world.

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