PC Telephone 7

There are times when the main program like Skype or GoToMeeting can take up memory that is excessive or overly intrusive. In such cases, why not take advantage of the features offered by PC-phone? As you can guess from the name of this unique package provides manythe same benefits katopartnyori while the memory of the famous approx.

More international dzvinkyodyn

One of the most interesting things in PC-phone ialahbahawa you can make international calls at very reduced rates. It is important to understand that there are other features that come as standard.For example, you are allowed to make calls from PC to PC for free is not required. PC-Phone also allows you to change the default personal komp’yuterv phone ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).

Modern and streamlined

You can send faxes via display call Internetkalisledite savingsand enjoy this VoIP software on your smartphone. This is a great advantage if you are calling from a landline or you’re going to communicate with foreign customers. Finally there is a demonstration versiyadostupni to proveripredi they take to download the whole package.


supportfor USB-drive new phone

Works with all USB, available on PC phones

USB phone device automatikdiaktifkan

Personalized sound signals for speakers or USB-PC phone

PC-PhoneFaxView supports SFF and TIFF files

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