Rock Dog 2017

Tibetan Mastiff living in mountain snow, dog reef life simple: protect the peaceful village wool sheep from wolves do Linnux robbery and rabid pack. To avoid inconvenience, the leader Mastiff Khampa prohibits any music mountain. But the Council to implement radio Khampas son fell on the flypoultry, it only takes a few guitar licks for their fate to seal Council wanted to become a rock star roll. However, this means that call their parents, and power, and the location dithi-areclusive – Angus Skatterhud musician who should write a new song and quickly. If the Councilcan put a group together, helping Angus and his songs, and plot to take failure Wolf Mountain snow, his life would be in unison. Council gets what he always wanted to be: more dogs … More Rock Hell that ROCK DOG!

Tibetan Mastiff to Snow Mountain, a dog’s life is simple riff – to protectsheep from wolves peaceful village Linnux gang and package rabid.ErSchob avoid inconveniences leader Mastiff Khampa prohibits every genre. However, when the child realizes that its Board of Directors radio fell from the sky, it takes a few guitar licks for the fate of the young man should be closed. wantto become a rock star role, the Board directs the city and located Angus Skatterhud, the legendary musician, you want to record a new song.

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