Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

Slim is a game of first-person horror, where your only goal is to find eight manuscripts of smart people, paranormal beings. This should be a preliminary game called Slendermen, based on a similar theme, but it was not so bad in the case of success.


The basic premise of the game is that you are treated more directly in contact with the thin man, the faster care. Thus, you should be careful not to look at zanadtodovho enemy and remember that your lamp has abmezhavanuyubatteryso you should turnfrom time to time to keep it. In addition, the more you sprint, the lower the maximum stamina, so you need to work only when you need them.

Is it scary?

Smart enough to do well, to create a very ominous atmosphere for the maingame. It feels like just you, your flashlight and the sound of crickets singing as you make your way through the forest of paint in search of manuscripts. But the overall goal of 8 pages of manuscripts of the collection is very limited, so the game is somewhat limited.

elementamigulni management is simple: Mouse- OzyrnitsyaW, A, S and D – PeremistytyLivyy Shift – SprintLiva click – Meeting storinokPrava press – lihtarykQ E – Increase / decrease in technical matters

Please note that the WinZip or WinRAR need this thin pakAflaai game.

So thin was spochatkuzvilnenyy had some additional revenue, with varying degrees of quality. we checkedSoftonic them to employees to see which one is the worst, so be sure to check out how they got on:


harmoniesecreepyzhah game that should you ever heard of the slender man myth.


Added captions for the game ( “Eight pages”) to distinguishit from future versions.

Improving the main menu, and added that they musiek.Daarbenewens now includes a link to a thin person, information and YouTube series.

Added different light sources (unlocked after the time of the game).

Added shadow (not very noticeable, except illuminatedzones).

joudrafpastupova speed is increased to collect more pages.

Remove the recovery time for recovery after endurance Run / long-distance running and endurance slow drain. if

you start to run / long-distance running, but immediately get 5% of your endurance.It will run you to enable or

Sprint for a long time, but makes repeated shaking the key events / Sprint cause your endurance

baievinniger empty (effectively get rid of the first operation).

The maximum distance vamsm drops as you collect more pages; holda similar challenge

for people who mayuttuman away. To the same can not be excluded because afstandShadow.

Added menu option to skip the intro.

Added the ability to break but you can break, but if not static (if it bothers you pause in December

in response to seeingsmart people).

Fixed a bug where the torch will try to bring the page to the other side of the wall.

Remove one of the hidden modes (ItwasPytanne time, because it contains copyrighted material).

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