Street Fighter X Tekken

The Tekken and Street Fighter, two of the greatest fighting games ever in Street Fighter X Tekken, a fighting game for PC.

The result is a very good fighting game which incorporate both aspects. Street Fighter, it takes the aesthetics of the latest releases. gevolglikStreet Fighter X Tekken displays images in 2D, which is very well modeled and has a certain look animated. Tekken, it takes the characters and the depth of processing.

Kakiemy really like Street Fighter X Tekken is the team competitionswhere jyJy can unite people to make spectacular attacks. This leads to a very entertaining fights.

Otherwise, Street Fighter X Tekken is a classic arcade mode and online mode, which although somewhat limited in terms of match types, optimized and offers a phenomenal gaming experience.

In the end, Street Fighter X Tekken is a great fighting game, and it’s very impressive idostig what seemed impossible: the accession of the two best martial sagas in history.

Note:full copies to download the game, you need to install steam on your computer and account.

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Street Fighter 2 is an adaptation of the famous 1991 arcade PCVeg from Capcom.

Ryu. If you are a fan of fighting games, so the only imyadostatochno take you straight back to the nostalgic world of Street Fighter. The successful series – which began in the 80s – started in arcades andstill knocking around on different platforms today.

Street Vegter 2 until all the fun of the second installment of the series on PC. But the computer is weak when you compare it to the old arcade game. This, and the fact that you probably will not get a group of guys behind you iaplodismenty street fight

diest ass Fighter 2 images looks good, but not the background, and the sound, is to put the PC version. The speed of adaptation of Street Fighter 2 is alsomuch slower, even on powerful computers.

To compensate for this, Streetfighter 2 includes all eight karaktersvan the original game. Teams are made, and you can choose between playing alone in the arcade rezhimeili to challenge a friend in a fight one on.

For old school arcade fighting games on the computer, you can not beat the Street Fighter 2.

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