Suntan 2016

The hedonistic Greek island medieval doctor belongs to a young tourist, if they can accompany him with his band of hard partnerships. For the life of its medieval past Kostis. As the newly appointed doctor tiny island Kostis carried out only gloomywinter. In tovremya, in matters of the summer, the island became a thriving, wild vacation with nude beaches and crazy parties. As Kostis prygozhayai flirtatious Anna hits, it’s hard for them, and it comes from herausUm, to beat it and impress. Recently Kostis spends almost all histime, too drunk to hard to celebrate, and even play off with Anna. That rediscovery begins his lost youth, slowly turns into an obsession, because Kostis ready to do everything possible to save his Anna. Tan says the beauty and poweryouthful body, while vremyakak at the same time it nepazbezhnymSapravdy hugging.

The medieval physician on the Greek island belongs to a young tourist, when he läßtEr day with her friends.

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