The Case For Christ 2017

Discreet journalist Lee Strobel was what I expected at work: at the top. His reports awards for a recent investigation have earned him a promotion to the editor of the legal ChicagoTribune. But it’s not as good as at home, where his wife Leslies finds faith in ChristAgainst everything that Lee thinks – or not to believe – as a professed atheist. Using his journalistic and legal training, Lee began to strive to overthrow Christianity claims to save his kruszeniemałżeństwo. In pursuing the greatest story of his career Lee isComes close to unexpected results that can change everything in its power.

Investigating a journalist and an atheist himself, trying to refute the existence of God when his wife, a Christian. Based on a true story, investigative journalism awards – and recognized an atheist- who uses his well-trained journalists and appreciation schobHrystyyanska faith canceled his face unexpectedly, alternately życiewyniki.

In 1980 he was awarded with Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel), promoting investigative journalism received the legal Editor Chicago Tribune. Things do not go homeSimilarly. His wife Leslie (EricaChristensen) found faith in Christ, forcing Lee to use journalistic and legal training to try to deny Christianity, atheism is determined by digging into his zrostannyavira.

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