UltraSurf 16.03

widget UltraSurf Internet anonymously, no one will know where to connect to the network or if you are going to be useful to explore. Unlike other similar tools, UltraSurfA is the easiest to use, and, as well as hiding your IP, its history and your cookies.

The censorship, privacy Happy

UltraSurf original purpose of the Great Wall of China, in sicrun virtual bit, and to prevent access to online services.

But, over time, become UltraSurf is very popular all over the worldto ensure privacy, and those organizations that the government can beat the clock because poor countries transparency.

UltraSurfNewid your IP is hidden and nothing to do with another original. At the same time, the history of your search results, and track the visit is made to delete cookies.

UltraSurf eskaintzenhasieratikYr right to privacy. Despite browsing speed a little slower, the difference is very small connection.

Does not require installation

Unlike other similar programs, UltraSurf isstands out for the simplicity and ease of use. You have to open up and start working.

Another advantage is that you do not require installation, so you can always take with you on a USB flash memory gyriantneu.

Alliance your privacy

If the network or bypass obstacles to access your course, while maintaining your privacy if UltraSurf your partner.Mae is transparent and easy to use tools that your browser is worried about censorship.


Add to hear configuration portlocally.

Option to restore the default settings.

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