WAMPServer d 64

The program WampServer and the environment allows you to create web applications with PHP and MySQL database Apache2. The application is very intuitive, even if he has a lot of features. Service and software appears to be free all the way down.

Secureenvironment for web applications

WampServer program will download and install on your computer automatically when you turn. Once installed, you can access dodatkiv.Vy development environment can create a subdirectory andadd files WWWyour PHP in it. Oprogramowaniepozwala manage MySQL and Apache SERVICES. You can share all of your environment, or you can limit it to the local host. You can manage settings Sever, and you can access settingsfiles and access logs. You can also create aliases and if you want to customize your configuration files unnecessarily.

Conclusion – a safe place for App Developers

Software WampServervery small and very easy to install. Ifhas been installed on your computer, you can access the environment programistycznegoi start creating web applications in a safe place. The environment has been created for application developers and forum allissues.

  1. WAMPServer d 64 Free Download
  2. WAMPServer d 64 Download Free

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